Send fun and custom compliments

Encourage team participation with daily, private, and custom compliments.

Let Disco spark engagement

Once enabled, Disco sends three fun prompts each day. Employees select who they'd like to match to the compliment.

Sent privately. Enjoyed immensely

Employees that are complimented receive a private message where they can reveal their compliment.

Customize to your culture

Create custom compliments that fit your fun or quirky culture.

Compliments can be tagged with company or team values.

More features

Recognition dashboard

  • Analyze company values adoption over time.
  • Drill down to see team-level engagement.
  • Export engagement data.

Custom compliments

  • Send private, custom compliments to coworkers.
  • Nudge employees to participate.
  • Tag compliments with company values.

Aggregate & broadcast kudos

  • Automatically forward kudos to a default channel.
  • All employees can upvote from the default channel.
  • Broadcast to office displays and HRIS.