Celebrate & socialize company values with kudos

Celebrate and amplify great work and strengthen ties to company culture in Slack or Microsoft Teams.

Build a values-driven culture

Use kudos to celebrate great work and highlight employee achievements in public and private channels.

Reinforce core values, quarterly goals, and more by tagging kudos.

Socialize and celebrate together

Teammates can react to public kudos to help celebrate and recognize great work.

Surface the most engaging kudos on the Disco dashboard.

Reward culture champions

Set up a raffle and Disco will draw and announce the winners.

Add custom rewards to get your team excited about giving recognition.

More features

Recognition dashboard

  • Analyze company values adoption over time.
  • Drill down to see team-level engagement.
  • Export engagement data.

Custom compliments

  • Send private, custom compliments to coworkers.
  • Nudge employees to participate.
  • Tag compliments with company values.

Aggregate & broadcast kudos

  • Automatically forward kudos to a default channel.
  • All employees can upvote from the default channel.
  • Broadcast to office displays and HRIS.