We're a culture driven team

Disco was among the first apps to launch on Slack, and our team has been distributed since 2015. We know the challenges of building and scaling an intentional culture from the first line of Disco code.

We believe

  • Culture is the accumulation of daily employees actions.
  • Intentional culture is aligning those actions to core beliefs.
  • Culture is a durable competitive advantage.
  • Work has quickly changed to digital and distributed.
  • Bringing culture online is possible and made easier with software.
  • Disco will be the #1 culture platform for distributed teams.

Our Values

Bring Energy

Create and maintain positive energy in everything we say, build, and do.

Make Cupcakes

Understand what people want & deliver quickly. Add sprinkles.

Open Mic

Communicate openly, honestly, and frequently. Bring stakeholders along.


Live amongst the stars. Have no fear in trying new things and taking risks.

Marc Benioff

CEO, Salesforce

Phil Libin

CEO, All Turtles / mmhmm


knock knock

General Catalyst

Partner, Niko Bonatsos

SAP SuccessFactors

SAP Fund

Josh Bersin


Backed by the best

Disco is fortunate to be backed by the brightest investors across Silicon Valley.

Investors include Slack, Marc Benioff, Phil Libin, General Catalyst, SAP, X/Seed Capital, & Inventus Capital

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